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BSA is able to offer complete services for pre-engineered buildings and steel structure projects including consulting, design, fabrication and erection. This integrated production process will bring to our customers’ huge advantages of an optimal solution, high-quality products, and perfect services. The professional project management system helps us increase project efficiency and promptly support any customer’s requirement.

The most outstanding feature about BSA comes from the optimal design solutions performed by highly experienced, and professional engineering team. With a skilled design team and the most advanced design software, BSA Provides optimal design to our customers.

BSA brings to customer satisfaction and complete peace of mind about the quality of design, in accordance with the most stringent technical requirements weather and environment conditions. The advanced automatic production facilities and experienced employees help us offering the most competitive price to our customers.

With a well-trained workforce, professional staffs, quality management system, high technology automatic production facilities, BSA delivers optimal solution, high-quality products and perfect services for your project.


BSA wants to become a leading steel structure and pre-engineered steel building manufacturer in Bangladesh in terms of revenue, system quality and products and services

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BSA Provides Products and services that meet out customer’s expectations to bring prosperity and sustainable development for Customers, Employees, Partners, Suppliers and Shareholders


Company Members anre committed to living and work according to the company’s values, to build homogeneous and strong Company’s culture, develop the foundation of each individual According to following core value:

Positive - Responsibility - Teamwork - Prestige - Integrity - Thinking – Discipline

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Quality policy and Safety

Quality Policy is one of the most important elements of BSA to meet perfectly the customer’s requirements, branding Steel Structure Company by top quality and reputation in Bangladesh.

To ensure high quality in the entire process of: design, manufacturing and erection, BSA has standardized a management system.This quality management system which is developed and enforced by the international standard organization. Standardized management system not only helps BSA to create, implement, control and improve all production processes well, but also contributes to build the trustable brand name, enhances BSA prestige in both of domestic and international markets.

Besides that, With principle “Satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations, protect environment, ensure safety and health for people”, General Director of BSAhas released the policy of “Quality – Environment – Safety” that bases on “Prestige, Thinking, and Responsibility.